Speed Link’s new gaming mousepad has been designed to give you comfort and accuracy for work and play. The INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad gives you the ability to flip between a more controlled, granular surface (for work) and a smooth, faster surface (for gaming).

Speed Link may be on to something here. Lets see how the INVICTUS performs.

invictus core gaming mousepad

The Invictus Core Gaming mousepad has been designed to give you great support while enjoying games and working

The first thing you’ll need to do is position the rubber under-base on your desk. It’s rather large, so you may need to do some tidying up, but one major advantage to this is that you’ll never suffer from ‘mousepad slip’ again. The base doesn’t only house the multi-surface mousepad, but doubles as a firm, rooted foundation for your mouse.

invictus base and mousepad

The base will prevent the mousepad from slipping, while allowing you to flip the mousepad over for work and gaming styles

Once you’ve positioned the base, insert your mousepad. A gentle tug around the edges of the base will neatly secure the mousepad into place.


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Unless you’re a designer (or edit images a lot, at the very least) you may not appreciate the benefits of the granular surface. However, if you are, you’ll notice that the INVICTUS mousepad really helps when it comes to those minute touches. Image cut-out and image cropping are probably the major factors, here. A rougher surface gives you more precision and when you’re desperately trying to cut that one, fiddly pixel, the granular surface and base help secure your mousepad and steady your movement.

invictus mousepad

The mousepad of the Invictus uses a quality polymer aluminium core. This will last and help give you the control and speed you need


Flip the mousepad and you’ll be treated to a much smoother surface. Unlike most cheap mousepads, the INVICTUS doesn’t poorly emulate a smooth surface with a glossy, laminated-like finish. A polymer surface with an aluminium core, gives you a smooth and reliable surface that will certainly help with those reaction shots. The base will forever help, making sure no error is ever the fault of a mousepad slip.

D4G Verdict

I personally would recommend positioning  the base to face away from you, as I didn’t like the feel of the extended rubber front against my wrist and felt it could potentially slow movement when gaming. This can’t really go down as a design flaw as the base works perfectly when facing either direction (holding the mousepad and preventing any slipping).

On paper, The INVICTUS Core Gaming Mousepad seems like a gimmick. However, once you’ve experienced what this gaming mousepad has to offer, you’ll never look at another mousepad again. Forget the cheap pads. They’re not as secure and are often too small.

D4G review 4 out of 5

BUY IT: A perfect mousepad for work and gaming – A spare mousepad if you don’t use both sides – Rubber base keeps mousepad locked in position

CONSIDER: £25-30 price tag – You may need to flip the rubber base around to suit your style