Nintendo NX is on its way…but what will this mean for the WiiU?

Nintendo are currently dealing with one major question- When will the Nintendo NX be released (we get that feeling WWE were lucky to get to ‘NXT’, first). However, this actually begs a second question – What will happen to the Wii U?

This question is possibly the most important one Nintendo will answer. Why? Well, because the question isn’t just asking about Nintendo’s future in hardware support…it’s asking about their future support to loyal customers.

The way we see it, Ninty have two options, here:

1) Once Nintendo NX launches, continue support and development of Wii U games for at least 2 more years.

2) Develop the Nintendo NX so it’s fully backwards compatible with Wii U games. This could also setup some kind of WiiU trade-in campaign (or at least offer NX discounts if you submit your new WiiU console serial).

nintendo nx handheld

Take a look at concept art for the NX (right) and the worlds first home console/handheld (Neo Geo X). Hmmmmm…

We really hope Nintendo goes for the latter. The first options would simply spread Nintendo’s development rather thin. Let’s be honest, large games libraries have never really been Nintendo’s strongest quality, so having to develop 3DS and WiiU games, would mean launching the new NX hardware with less than half the company behind it.

With DeNA helping Nintendo to bring some its most beloved games to mobile devices, we’re still pretty confident the NX could well double as a living room docking station console and a mobile/handheld.

Have you had a WiiU since launch or are you contemplating buying one soon? Either way, let us know what one of the above options you’d profer to see, once the NX has been launched?