The birth of anticipation for Street Fighter’s leading brawler, took place in a Toy R Us store in the US. A Twitter account posted promo material that leaked the new Ryo Amiibo.


As a collector of gaming figures, I still can’t believe the level of detail in Amiibo’s. The Ryo figure is looking outstanding!

I’m sure every other Wii U owner would agree, that what makes Amiibo’s so appealing, is the sheer amount of detail in such a small figure. Seriously, such detail is hard to find, even from top figure makers with models at 10x the price!


For every Yin there is a Yang and in this case, it’s the awesome Evil Ryo! Let’s hope it’s released shortly after!

Although still yet to be officially confirmed, we are seeing concept Amiibo art for the Evil Ryu, too. Let’s hope that goes ahead, especially if it’s available in more awesome fighting stances.

We’ll soon be creating a special Amibbo request feedback page, so check back soon to have your say on future Wii U Amiibo figures!