Those who sold their PS3 consoles for the PS4, may be starting to notice a pattern every month on Playstation Plus. Although full and well reviewed games always seem to hit the PS3’s Plus section…the PS4 is struggling with its free library.

playstation plus

Do you still have both your PS3 and PS4, to take full advantage of the PlayStation Plus line-up?

The reason is pretty straight forward. PS4 simply doesn’t have the library of games, just yet. Sony’s older console however, has a library so vast, there is plenty of content that’s no longer selling at retail (or digital) like it used to, so Sony have no trouble convincing the publishers to add their IP’s to Playstation Plus.

ps3 psplus games

Just some of the full games that have made available on the PlayStation Network. If you’vre yet to sign-up with the PS3…you really should!

The bad news is that it’s going to take a couple of years to start seeing a the real value of Playstation Plus on PS4. However, the good news is that Playstation Plus is pretty much selling the PS3! Those that are new to the console (or still have it but have sold/traded most of their collection) can pretty much subscribe, kick back and enjoy the buckets of free content!

Still have your PS3? It may well be worth hanging on to it, to get the most out of PlayStation Plus.