Over 700,000 people have signed the online petition for a GTA V PC port. Although many PC hardware and software companies have predicted the early 2014 release of GTA V, the game has now been on sale for consoles for 228 days. This surpasses GTA IV’s 217 day wait for a PC port.

GTA V pc delay

Ok, lets forget about the GFWL bit. GTA V will come to PC but what are the issues holding it back?

While we’re still confident of a PC port, here are our main reasons for the GTA V PC delay:

1) Online Multiplayer

This reason has probably halted every other reason on this list. Not just because it would take extra time for the PC version, but because the console issues have certainly caused a major halt to many other GTA V projects. When GTA V first launched for consoles many gamers couldn’t even log-in, let alone play online. Missing characters, restricted map areas and game-breaking cash drops were just a few of the bugs that plagued consoles. Rockstar may now be ready for what awaits, but they still need to make the adjustments for PC.

2) DLC

Online issues would have seriously delayed work for all GTA V DLC. GTA gamers know that when Rockstar release DLC, it’s worth every penny. This will also mean that they ain’t no walk in the park to develop…especially when half the gaming market is already at your throat for online multiplayer issues…

3) Advanced Video Options

After all of the above…Rockstar will still need to please PC gamers with advanced graphical tweaks, making sure GTA V runs at a smooth 60fps while looking absolutely stunning. Well, we hope so anyway.

4) Piracy

Sorry, it’s still the number one reason why many PC games will forfeit a day one release date (as well as the reason why you can no longer sell your PC games). There are still too many PC gamers illegally downloading full retail PC games. If you know someone who’s doing this, give them a slap.

We support game developers with cash and they support us with amazing games. It’s as simple as that.

With trusted sources spilling the beans and with 700,000 persuaders, GTA V PC is going to happen. We’ll just have to give Rockstar the time they need to get things sorted. The last thing they’ll want is for another online multiplayer fiasco. But hey, Rockstar have given us so many amazing sanbox games…so lets just cut them some slack and let them get it done.