Watch Dogs has finally hit Steam with the standard and deluxe editions now available to pre order. With recent Nvidia tech trailers released by Ubisoft, the PC version looks the best option for E3 trailer release-like visuals.

watch dogs uplay

Watch Dogs is now available to pre order on Steam. But will you be able to play without a Uplay account?

As we know, all developers have their publishers and now in this new digital age, publishers now have their own digital platforms. Uplay has been a subject for many Steam players recently as this would lead to multiple online platforms being activated just to play Watch Dogs. However, now the pre order page has been launched on Steam, you may notice that something is missing from Watch Dogs’ minimum and recommended settings…

Yup, no Uplay notices. Could this be an early pre order release mistake or has Ubisoft allowed Steam to sell their product without the need for Uplay sign-in? (or even sign-up).