For us gamers who choose to see every game through to the very end, what are your thoughts on the ‘Game +’ mode? For some, this mode is simply an easier difficulty setting with better weapons and abilities. But for many, the Game + is the ultimate add-on, unlocking more than just a secret character or new ability.

While we understand that certain games would only benefit from the ‘fun’ factor of a Game + mode, there are many out there that could actually use this mode to further enhance the games story and central characters.

Here’s an example of how Game + can enhance the games story in the players mind:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Within

Your original playthrough will see you command the XCOM fleet through alien abductions, crash sights and landings. All throughout this, you’ll be franticly researching alien bodies, ships, weapon and flight technology to further enhance earth’s defences.

xcom enemy within game +

Game + mode could easily work with the story of Enemy Within, this time allowing the player to command a more aware, advanced squad that battles a second alien attack

XCOM: EU/W Game + : After humanity fought off the first alien attack our defences grew much stronger through experience and more practical research. The player can now command a much more advanced squad that can counter a second Alien attack (which would probably be the case if such an alien attack had failed the first time around).

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Directors Cut

The Deus Ex series is based on humanity’s progress in advanced technology. Your character (Adam Jensen) has been rebuilt using the very latest human augmentations that only his body can accept. However, (and for the sake of game progression) Adam will need to slowly activate all his enhancements over the course of the game, due to extensive, full body augmentation.

deus ex hr directors cut game +

Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC now has a Game + mode. This allows the player to take control of an almost fully enhanced Adam Jenson. Given em’ hell!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC Game + :  Many could argue that in Game + mode you could play Adam Jensen in the fully augmented condition he was meant to be in, once awoke from the operating table…

Do you think such modes are a waste of time or should developers strive to add Game + modes to give players the choice?