Yakuza Zero has finally hit western shelves and what a game it is! I’ll always describe Yakuza to newcomers as ‘Shenmue with a bit of Vinnie Jones’, as the fight scenes are brutal but the antagonists are easily some of the most malicious and relentless, you’ll ever go up against.


The very reason I now like to describe Yakuza games as ‘Shenmue with a bit of Vinnie Jones’. Kazuma now need only answer the in-car phone…

Yakuza 0 enhances that what made the originals and adds more fight styles. One new feature that really surprised us, was the ability for both protagonists to manage businesses, offering the opportunity of big financial rewards, even during your first play-through!

Here are our tips on surviving, earning and climbing the Yakuza 0 ability tree:

Fighting Tips – Learn how to survive the on-going Yakuza and thug hoards, with these crucial battle tactics!

Ability Tree Tips – (Coming Soon) Learn what abilities to unlock first and the best abilities for specific showdowns!

Beating Mr Shakedown Tips – He may tower over you and be utterly relentless but you can defeat this high street thug! It’s all about knowing when and how to fight him!

Hostess Club Tips – (Coming Soon) Fast tips on getting the most out of you club. Earn buckets of cash and crush your opponents!

Real Estate Royal Tips – (Coming Soon) Fast tips on getting the best advisers, managers and security for your properties.

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