After waiting patiently for that knock at the door, your package finally arrives! Once you’ve unboxed your Series X and have gone through the setups process, you find yourself reaching for your trusty Xbox One battery pack…

Will your Xbox One Play and Charge Kit work with the new Xbox Series X control pads?

This will totally depend on the type of battery pack you bought for your Xbox One. If you purchased the official one, you’re in luck! All you need to do is change the charge cable for a USB-to-USB C cable, and you’re good to go (yup, the Series X pads only connect-up via the new USB C link).

xbox one play and charge kit
Still own the official Xbox One Play and Charge Kit? You’re in luck! All you’ll need to do is swap the cable

However, if your current Xbox One battery pack is a third party one (particularly with the pads battery slot cover being built-on to the actual battery pack itself), there is a high chance that this won’t work with your new Series X control pad.

Xbox One venom rechargeable battery pack

Only third party power packs that integrate the power pack with the battery cover, will have trouble with your new Series X controller

The issue really seems to be down to how the third party battery pack is designed. If the battery pack unit is kept separate from the battery cover (like it is with the official Xbox One Play and Charge Kit), then it will fit and work fine with the Series X pad. However, if the the cover and battery pack are joined together, it won’t even fit into the Series X pad, let alone function.

If you do have such a third party pack (like we had), don’t worry, the official Series X Play and Charge Kit is starting to become much easier to get hold of online.

Oh, and for some reason, it doesn’t have the X (Series X) symbol on the box. It’s simply called ‘Xbox Play and Charge Kit Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable’. Just a heads-up.

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