Streets of Rage 4 has seen great throwback hype for the classic retro beat-m-up genre. Following this, we’ve seen possibly the best social distancing ad, ever!

Check out this amazing ad from the Word Health Organisation (that you may have seen pop-up on major gaming websites), reminding us all how to stay safe during our weekly shop:

beat em up social distancing ad

The retro beat-em-up design just make this the perfect social distancing ad for so many age groups

After grabbing detergent and doing his best to stick to the 2 meter distance rules, our supermarket hero takes on the toilet roll isle!

beat em up supermarket social distancing ad

Our beat-em-up social distancing hero, must now prepare for the boss – The toilet roll isle!

The retro art-style, animations that pay homage to beat-em-up classics and humour that lightens the tone of our now, every week battles, easily make this the best social distancing ad ever created.

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