E3 is simply the THE event every gamer waits for. But it’s not just a world stage for more info on the games we’re eagerly awaiting…it’s also where we get slapped round the face and utterly blown-away by completely new projects. Ubisoft walked away with “owwww….ahhhhhh” award by showing their stage demo of Watch Dogs. Here’s a question…did you ever play Heavy Rain and wonder how awesome it would be if that very engine could handle all-out action sequences? Well, you may want to keep an eye on Watch Dogs…

watch dogs street gameplay

The Watch Dogs stage demo opened with breath-taking detail, as one of the games main protagonists A.Pearce, made steady progress through the highly detailed streets

As A.Pearce made his way through the streets, we were pleasantly greeted with a split view of someone gripping a control pad. Not only do the characters and streets look amazing but we’ve just been assured that this is actual gameplay footage, being played right before our eyes! But rather than beating leading sand box games hands-down in terms of city detail, Watch Dogs has another trick up its sleeve. You’ll have the ability to interfere and control a huge variation of electrical devices from security cameras to mobile phones. Enemy Of The Sate fans will love this!

watch dogs waiter

Ah, yes I'll have a...WTF is that on your head!

After using his hi-tech device to cut-off all mobiles (allowing him to easily bypass the exibition’s doormen) A.Pearce slips into an art exhibition show, where his main target is hiding. Its here, where we see another amazing display of cutting-edge graphics and animation. Characters you’ll interact with not only look amazing in their overall model and facial detail, their body language as they talk, is so fluid and life-like. It’s mesmerizing to see.

watch dogs characters

Facial animation, hand gestures...characters are more believable and life-like than ever, in Watch Dogs

Remember that cool high-tech gadget A.Pearce has? Well, here is where it really made and impact in the Watch Dogs stage demo and also showed us a glimpse of Watch Dogs’ amazing action sequences. After Being spotted by security in the art exhibition, A.Pearce beats the crap out of a guard and makes it back to the streets. But when back-up is sent after you, that gadget comes out yet again, to cause absolute mayhem…as well as an awesome fire-fight!

watch dogs fire fight

Lighting, shadow, wind and rain effects blew everyone away at the E3 Watch Dogs stage demo. Ubisoft have outdone themselves

Running for cover, gun in hand, we see a number of impressive gameplay mechanics. Everything momentarily slows down as you accurately select your targets through an impressively detailed slow-mo muzzle flash. The cover system seems very smooth as you slide your way across one car to the next and you’re even able to leap out across a cars bonnet, to take a bad guy by surprise. But we were also impressed to see highly detailed environmental physics, as cars rocked, smashed and split due to bullet damage. It really was like something you’d see in movies. Amazing!

The big questions on Watch Dogs

Obviously after viewing such an incredible demo, us gamers will have a ton of questions regarding gameplay, release and much more. Here are a few of the biggest Watch Dogs questions, so lets get posting and dissect this amazing stage demo piece by piece!

1) Many retailers and sites are not stating specific platforms for Watch Dogs. Judging by development time and that “TBA” stamp we all hate, could Watch Dogs be a release for Microsoft’s next console and the PS4?

2) Will Watch Dogs play in a sand box style? Although the opening gave a hint of city exploration, (with objective indication) will your character have full access to towns or will Watch Dogs be quite linear in its mission structure?

3) During A.Pearce’s hasty escape from the art exhibition, he encountered an unlucky guard. With quick reflexes and well executed blows, A.Pearce brought the guard down hard…but very smoothly. Does this mean such close quarter fights will be one-button events, or will real time close quarter combat coincide with gun fight mechanics?

Let us know your thoughts on the questions above and of course, if you feel we’ve missed some must-ask questions…let us know!