ZombiU (remember to drop the “e” for a “U”) will be Ninty’s counter for L4D and COD-Zombies gamers. Currently looking amazing in the graphical department, ZombiU is an FPS survival horror game that makes other similar games look like they’re holding your hand! Yup, in ZombiU it’s the real-deal. One bite…and you’re rotten!

So, we have a zombie survival horror FPS with a much harder difficulty, right? So what’s new and innovative with that, then? Well, EVERYTHING! This is Nintendo we’re on about, here. You see, the new Wii U controller isn’t just analog control and a gun trigger in ZombiU…it’s your life-line!

Here’s how the Wii U controller will save your butt in ZombiU:

Your Inventory

zombiu inventory

Search through, manage and select your items in real-time. This is as real as it gets!

Real-life: You’ll have to desperately and almost defenselessly, search through your back-pack, keeping an eye-out for the next walking corpse!
ZombiU: Frantically search through your inventory on the Wii U controller, staying alert for walking corpses! Find what you need on Wii U controller and drag it to your ‘equip’ slot, to use.

Scavenging To Survive!

zombiu scanning

Search bodies, boxes, cupboards and other objects using the Wii U controller

Real-Life: Searching the environments means putting your ass on the line for that life-saving find!
ZombiU: Desperately need ammo, first aid or something else? Bring the Wii U controller up to you and scan your surroundings for those life-saving, game-changing finds! Don’t get too carried away, though. Keep your finger on the trigger…this ain’t an Easter egg hunt!

Keep That Crosshair Steady!

zombiu sniper scope

ZombiU puts the player in total control, relying on your steadiness and skill to pull off perfect precision shots

Real-Life: You pull the scope up to your eye, your heart racing with fear. You now only have your ears to warn you from surrounding threats!
ZombiU: You pull the Wii U Controller up to your eyes, frantically lining-up the scope crosshairs with the staggering threat that blocks your path. Control your breathing, steady your arms. Take this one out quick and you won’t be such a sitting duck!

Door Security/Environment Interaction

zombiu door keypad

Use the Wii U controller to desperately punch-in that correct code...but keep a finger on that trigger...it only takes one bite!

Real-Life: They’re mounting-up behind you! You spot a door, but it’s locked via keypad security. Do you know the code? Do you have time to guess?
ZombiU: It’s not looking good! The door is your only hope but the security pad will take valuable time! Bring the Wii U controller closer and punch those numbers in quick! Keep a finger on that trigger to buy you those valuable seconds!

It’s Got You! It’s Gonna Turn You Rotten!

Real-Life: Are you just gonna stand there and let this bag of septic flesh sink its teeth into you?!
ZombiU: Shake the Wii U controller and throw that rotting corpse back into the horde, ready to absorb your next shotgun shell!

We’re sure you’ll agree that ZombiU is turning out to be a must-pre-order Wii U title. We’lll also bring you more on the ZombiU game world itself and other gameplay mechanics, in our next posts.

What do you think of the Wii U controllers functions for ZombiU and do you think it has the potential to better all other survival horror games out there? Get posting and let us know!