Id Software’s remake of the 1993 FPS classic was a solid shooter with a truck-load of intense atmosphere and suspense. However, there was one problem…it just wasn’t DOOM.

Below, you’ll find links (coming soon) that will outline and discuss the key elements in making the perfect DOOM experience.

doom 4

DOOM 4 was officially renamed to ‘DOOM’ in 2014

The Key Elements of Hell

doom 4 hud

DOOM 4′ s HUD – Simplified (basic ammo, life etc.) or should it use and modernise classic elements of the original?


– Doomguy’s New Perspective – The marine has always worn his space helmet throughout the series. Should id make this part of the DOOM 4 experience?

doom 4 gameplay

DOOM 4’s Gameplay Style – id already tried a suspenseful horror-like approach in DOOM 3. Should id improve on this or go back to the fast-paced, intense and brutal action of the retro classics?

doom 4 marine interaction

– DOOM 4 Character Interaction – Should your character (Doomguy marine) be named? Should your character be given a voice and play a stronger role in story-driven scenes?

doom 4 items

– Doomguy’s Health and Armour – What would be the best way to keep our brave marine alive throughout the unforgiving depths of hell?


– The Battlegrounds of DOOM 4 – DOOM was set on Mars and DOOM 2 was set upon earth. Should the new game focus on one location or use both in an attempt to remake the entire DOOM experience?

Please be sure to read all the articles (linked above) and put across your opinions to help shape DOOM 4 and/or future DOOM game releases!