The classic FF7 saw Cloud and his buddies easily fend-off the Hell House. A common enemy, even Hell House’s special attacks didn’t trouble Cloud and Aerith back at Sector 5. FF7 Remake however, re-imagines the Hell House to truly live up to its name.

ff7 remake best hell house on hard no summons

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Beating Hell House on FF7 Remake’s hardest difficulty

First, you’ll need to make sure you’re kitted-out correctly. Hell House is fast, powerful, both strong and weak to ever-changing elements and to nicely top it off, summons some seriously tough enemies to fight alongside it! Make sure your level is at 50 (if you’re not, simply play through the hard difficulty chapters in order and you’ll easily get there in good time) and make sure you do the following:

The best materia to use against Hell House

Cloud: Revival, Prayer, Healing, HP Up, Steadfast Block, Refocus, HP Absorb<>linked to<>Lightning, Fire<>linked to<>Elemental

Aerith: Revival, Prayer, Healing, HP Up, Steadfast Block, Magnify<>linked to<>Barrier, Fire<>linked to<>HP Absorption

Protection and Recovery

Due to Aerith’s late addition to the game, make sure she is equipped with the highest-level HP Up. Forget Chakra for this specific boss as it doesn’t replenish enough health and poison isn’t a danger during this battle. Healing is perfect for both fighters to have due to its low-level MP cost and results. Prayer and cure is all you’ll need and the absence of Chakra for this fight, will seriously help for additional slot use.

Magic and the elements to use against Hell House

Many may wonder why Ice failed to make an appearance in my materia line-up, but I personally feel it simply takes far too long to fully cast and damage. Enemies can easily evade Blizzard’s sluggish cast and Hell House will only get faster as the rounds progress. As long as you have at least the three top elements below, you’ll be fine (and trust us, you’ll appreciate the extra slots this tactic will leave you).

ff7 remake what elements against hell house

Use the right offensive elemental magic at the right time and you’ll easily be able to defeat the Hell House on hard, without ever needing your summon!

Remember the Hell House’s elemental colours and how to attack:

Red – Cast Blizzard

White – Cast Fire

Green – Cast Thunder

Yellow – Cast Aero

Battle tactics – How to fight Hell House

Always make sure Aerith keeps Arcane Ward down on the ground. Double casting low level magic (for high damage with little MP as possible) is far too valuable for battles as drawn-out as this one!

Hell House will summon Tonberry’s to fight alongside it. Don’t leave them! Use Cloud to Punisher-attack them the very second they hit the ground, making good use of Triple Slash once you build enough ATB.

Try not to rely on Cloud for offensive casting. Instead, use Cloud for standard attacks and mainly low-level healing spells (when you’re unable to use Prayer). Aerith’s Soul Drain is a godsend during long battles such as this, so keep using it throughout to enable Aerith to continuously cast both offensive and defensive spells.

Make use of Aerith having Magnify linked to Barrier. One quick cast will see you both with physical protection. Feel free to cast Manawall here and there (as long as Aerith’s MP is at its peak) but sticking to basic Barrier will be more than enough to see you through.

Prayer is amazing to heal your team as it doesn’t require any MP, so make use of switching back and forth from characters quickly. This will easily fool Hell House into attacking the wrong fighter (allowing the character with 2 ATB bars, enough time to fully cast Prayer).

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Hell House will charge at you with a lightning element. Cast Wind to counter this.
(Note: I didn’t use Wind in my loadout and simply chose to run from Hell House instead. However, feel free to sacrifice a materia for Wind…but the question is, what one?)

During the 2nd phase, Hell House will put a shield around himself. Once this happens, attack its arms to build stagger.

The 3rd and final phase will see Hell House flying around the arena, but it will soon unleash two fast-paced Cutters upon you! Get your Lightning-equipped character into Arcane Ward the moment they step into battle, and take them out quick! (or you’ll pay the price from their speed and tenacious saw and rocket attacks!).

Keep casting Barrier (and Planet’s Protection when available) and get Aerith to keep taking shots at Hell House as it circles above you (even if Hell House is shielded, it’s still damage and more importantly, it will help boost Aerith’s ATB for offensive and defensive spells).

Cloud and Aerith win battle hell house

Follow our guide and see Cloud and Aerith claim victory over Hell House in hard mode!

When to use Cloud’s Limit Breaks against Hell House

All Limit Breaks should be saved for the 2nd phase (when Hell House reveals its head and limbs) and make sure you have Ascension for Cloud and Planets Protection for Aerith (the latter making your team temporarily immune to all physical attacks). Once the 2nd phase begins, use Cloud’s Limit Break immediately but use Refocus! This beauty will split your ATB gauge into 3 smaller bars, making it even easier to unleash 2 ATB offensive and defensive abilities!

Refocus should last the entire fight, so once Cloud’s Limit Break shoots back up, hit Hell House with Ascension!

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