Set to be released February 2nd, Soul Calibur V will take place 17 years after the last release. Expect your favourite characters to have aged and altered significantly, with scars, added responsibility and of course, those inevitable grey hairs.

heishiro mitsurugi soul calibur v

Seventeen years may have added battle scars and aging to our warriors...but they can still kick butt!

Seventeen years is a long time. Your favourite characters may now have kick-ass kids that have been taught the same ways and fight for their own reasons in Soul Calibur V (you can now buy Soul Calibur V pre owned with FREE delivery). You can even expect (a popular thing in beat em’ ups) new apprentices of your much-loved characters and even a new guest character…someone you may have been playing as in one of this years recent releases.

Who is this new guest character, you ask? Altair from Assassins Creed. Although Project Soul were tight-lipped on whether Altair would be selectable from the very beginning, (or unlockable on game completion) they did say the following:

“Altair will not be embedded into the Soul Calibur V core story, but he is there for a reason”

Ubisoft’s cloaked assassin fits Soul Calibur’s time period much better, so we look forward to finding out Altair’s true purpose.

altair soul calibur v

Altair is Soul Calibur V's latest guest character but what is his purpose and will he be playable from the start?

Aging isn’t the only graphical change you’ll see in Soul Calibur V. The environments look absolutely breath-taking! Fully developed in 3D and with superb use of real-time lighting and shadows, Soul Calibur V will have at last, raised the current graphical standard for a beat em’ up…something we’ve all been patiently waiting for.

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