What were your thoughts on seeing Street Fighter V for the first time? Did you expect Capcom to keep the same SFIV style, or did you have your money on a more realistic-looking engine?

Screenshots have been released from Street Fighter V’s early development stages, telling us that Capcom originally felt the need to pull away from SFIV’s art brush-like style:


What Street Fighter V could have  looked like

Another look at a more realistic Ryu:


A closer look at a more realistically designed Ryu

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were looking at a latest Tekken release. Maybe this was the very reason Capcom scrapped¬†the idea? But was the decision to stick close to SFIV’s art style, the right one?

Could Capcom be toying with a realistic look for SF6? More importantly…do you think Capcom made the right decision on staying with the same engine style?

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