Resident Evil 2 was originally set to be remade in the Unreal 4 engine by InvaderGames. However, the developer would announce a complete project cease, after being shut down by Capcom in 2015. The original creator would go on to announce the official remake that same year…but with radio silence for several years, fans were starting to lose all hope.

Fast forward almost three years and Sony’s press conference revealed the long-awaited remake for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2. Not only was the game officially shown, but a surprising amount of gameplay was produced.


You’ve got red on you – Leon takes on a police zombie during the Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay demo. I’ve honestly never been this excited for an RE release since the original was announced on the Games Master TV show!

While some were expecting a first person design (like RE7) or even a more modern-take on the fixed camera design, the over-the-shoulder RE4 view works perfectly. I was also impressed with how Capcom have enhanced the atmosphere by adding new cut-scenes and set-pieces, that help better blend familiar surroundings with more modern gameplay mechanics.

re2 remake character intensity

Non of this ‘HOLD YOUR FIRE, I’M A HUMAN’ bullshit, Leon. Uniform or not, you don’t hesitate – Capcom have made sure the acting adds great intensity, building on the severity of the characters situations

One other important factor to me, was the acting and how it added to the games atmosphere (this was the only real weak element of the first 3 games at the time). I’m elated to say that Capcom seem to be nailing this, perfectly blending their survival horror masterpiece with acting talent that’s on-par with classic horror movies.

re2 remake big questions banner

Will one of the protagonists missions be unlockable and could we see new characters?

The original Resident Evil 2 came with two discs. One allowed you to play as Leon Scott Kennedy – a new character arriving at Raccoon City for his first day as police officer. The second disc put you in the boots of Claire Redfield – a student who is the brother of the first games main protagonist (Chris). Claire was introduced to the series in order to create and build upon a universe for Resident Evil. This strategy was implemented after the developers first attempt at the sequel (now known as Resident Evil 1.5) tried to bring closure to the story far too soon.

Resident Evil 2 remake Elza Walker

Elza Walker was a new character that was dropped during early development of the original sequel. Could Capcom bring her back for the Resident Evil 2 Remake?

Although Capcom have announced the removal of Claire and Leon’s A and B scenarios, the above still spawns the following questions:

– Will the player be able to select Claire or Leon’s mission straight from the first load-up (like the original game), or would one become unlocked om a first play-through completion?

– Could we see any new faces for the RE2 Remake? Maybe even the legend that is Elza Walker?


Will the remake include a Mercenaries mini game?

First appearing in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Mercenaries was a mini game that was originally unlocked after completing the main story mode.  Players had to eliminate as many enemies as possible in the time limit, with harder enemies rewarding the player with more points. Could Capcom further enhance this mode for their Resident Evil 2 Remake, or do they even have something else up their sleeves?

What about Hunk?

OK, so this is more a personal request, rather than a popular one. Just in case you missed this, Capcom have recently confirmed that both Hunk and Tofu will return as unlockables for the Resident Evil 2 Remake. While Tofu simply needed to survive the outbreak, Hunk had the more fun job of killing everything that was infected. However, Hunk + a truck load of bullets + Over-the-shoulder view + an awesome new engine = a mini game that could easily become what fans originally hoped Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City would be. Think about that for a minute…whether this addition is in the final version or even introduced as DLC at a later date, this could truly shine as an additional game mode.

Let us know what you think of the above questions on the Resident Evil 2 Remake. Keep it at D4G for more big questions on recent E3 game announcements.