Previously, D4G covered games that need porting to the Nintendo Switch. Thankfully, such feedback was taken into consideration, because titles such as  Naruto and Attack on Titan have recently been announced for the portable console.

Today, let’s look at some games that desperately need a PC port. Such a development might be wishful thinking, but the fact that Harvest Moon will finally come to PC, means there is hope for other console-exclusive franchises.

Persona 4 or 5

PC Gamer reported that Atlus released an annual survey asking fans if they want to see a Persona game on PC. If enough boxes are ticked, we’ll finally be able to take those guilty hearts on PC!

No one knows whether it would be a new iteration or a port of an existing installation, but assuming it’s the latter, a good choice would be either Persona 4 or the latest Persona 5 release. In general, the Persona series explores the human psyche and how people discover their true selves. Trademark features include a high school setting, a group of student protagonists, and a turn-based combat that stylishly enhances the traditional JRPG formula.


Persona 5 would be a hit on any platform and a PC release would also help Atlus produce more of these amazing RPG’s

Why PC?: Even before the survey, many fans had already been requesting PC ports of the Persona franchise, which is probably why Atlus is considering it in the first place. A PC version will definitely widen the series’ fan base.

Halo Reach

Bungie’s science fiction first person shooter franchise is one of the most recognisable in the world of gaming. Master Chief even makes an appearance in Steven Spielberg’s new film Ready Player One. All Halo titles feature the war between humanity and an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant. Halo is currently an Xbox-exclusive franchise for console (the first two games where released for PC), but if players were to pick one title from what remains, a remastered version of Halo: Reach (arguably the best Halo game) would be the most welcomed PC port.


The first two Halo games were released for PC but after the 2nd games poor reception, Bungie/Microsoft gave up on PC ports.

Why PC?: FPS games will always be a joy to play with a mouse and keyboard. Additionally, the Halo franchise is now owned by Microsoft, so having more PC Halo ports, makes perfect sense.

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is arguably still the best video game set in the Wild West. Rockstar’s masterpiece gave the player an amazing sense of what life was like as a Western outlaw, combining expertly crafted single player campaigns with strong multiplayer. Another reason is because there are not many open world Western video games out there. The only other franchise that comes close to the Red Dead series is Call of Juarez.


Read Dead Redemption needs GTA treatment. It’s one of the most highly anticipated sequels right now, so an enhanced port of the first would be amazing!

Furthermore, fans have yet to see a new triple A Western game, and small-scale cowboy games currently dominate the genre in terms of the number of titles. For instance, Swedish firm NetEnt, one of the world’s leading game operators, partnered with Foxy Bingo for the western-themed game Dead or Alive. While it doesn’t have open-world capabilities, it still pays homage to the genre in atmospheric aspect and top-notch graphics. You play the Sheriff who’s out to round up history’s most famous bandits. Game Studio Asymmetric takes the cowboy theme a step further (or rather a step backwards) by releasing West of Loathing, which features stick figure art. Despite its simple graphics, the game is widely commended for its slapstick humour and goofy gameplay. Although such titles are enjoyable, they still can’t bring the fully immersive PC experience. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a PC port for Red Dead Redemption, especially since everyone is eagerly anticipating the upcoming sequel.

Why PC?: The GTA series plus Bully, all have PC ports and GTA V’s online world is still alive and well even after four years. A PC port for Red Dead Redemption would bring life back to Rockstar Games’ Western-themed franchise as it will attract a new set of fans.

Suikoden 2

The Suikoden series is highly regarded as one of the best classic JRPG franchises of all time. It’s unfortunate that Konami, the company that kicked out Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima and cancelled the Silent Hills project, holds the license for the franchise. All Suikoden games feature themes of revolution, runes, and 108 playable characters known as the ‘108 Stars of Destiny’.


Suikoden 2 costs a fair bit to own for PSone, right now. A PC port (offering both enhanced and retro graphics) would be an amazing PC release. Keep the graphics retro at the very least, though.

If one Suikoden game was to be ported to PC, it should be the best one: Suikoden 2. It has a dark, complex narrative with memorable characters which not only make it a good entry point to the series, but also one of the best JRPGs to date. In fact, IGN ranks Suikoden 2 74th in its Top 100 Video Games of All Time.

Why PC?: A PC port will renew the series’ fame, as players old and new will get their hands on a JRPG classic. PC versions will also make the games more accessible, as most of them are currently only available for outdated platforms like PlayStation 1 and 2.

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