XCOM: Enemy Unkown, Enemy Within and XCOM 2, have raised the bar for strategy games. In fact, you could easily call XCOM 2 ‘the Dark Souls of strategy games’. It may be ruthless and brutal in its execution, but once you see success, accomplishment and reward are just a few aspects of what makes XCOM 2 such an amazing experience.


FIRAXIS have mastered the sci-fi turn-based strategy, but how amazing would it be if the developer could run wild with the Aliens license?

When you talk about sci-fi and with a team of marines aginst all odds, facing a brutal ET force, what springs to mind? Yup, the Aliens movies (or in this case, the 2nd movie – also my favourite in the franchise). When you look at how much XCOM has borrowed from such films and executed the military and invasion aspects so well, you have to ask yourself, why don’t FIRAXIS get the license to create a strategy turn-based Aliens game?


Every time we see the dropship in XCOM EU/2, we can’t help but picture the UD4L Cheyenne, making its way to LV-426

We’ve all been there, right? Anticipating the release of a military-based Aliens game, only to be let down by a mediocre release. FIRAXIS have already proven to us gamers, that they know what they’re doing when it comes to action-based sci-fi strategy. To grant them the Aliens license and to command marines on LV-426, would be a love letter to just about every sci-fi fan!

Just imagine kitting-out your squad with pulse rifles, smartguns and using your specialists to set-up auto turrets (you’ll need to get hold of the Special Edition of Aliens to watch that scene).


Imagine equipping and upgrading the smartgun, ready to take it to the Aliens!

Yup, I did it. I created Vasquez. XCOM 2’s character creation system may be limited (you can’t recolour accessories and only have 4 face types to choose from) but it’s the closest I can get to an Aliens game from FIRAXIS!


Janette Vasquez ready to kick alien butt! (well, as close as the creation system would allow me to get)

I’ve used XCOM 2’s Character Pool to create quite a few Aliens characters, but the system is limited and needs updates. But hey, if FIRAXIS announced and Aliens game, I wouldn’t care anymore. I’d be counting the days!


Not only did Vasquez shout ‘let’s rock!’ after reloading on a mission, but when a visited Guerilla Tactics, she was performing chin-ups. Gamer day made!

Are you with us? What would you most want to see in a FIRAXIS Aliens game? Hit the comments and let us know!