Back in March 2015, D4G predicted that Nintendo could be working on a mobile console that would dock into a larger device, producing both portable and home consoles.

nintendo switch

D4G discuss your must-ask questions on the Nintendo Switch

Fast forward a year or so, and Nintendo announced just that – The Nintendo Switch. While the announcement trailer was amazing (with many of us still in shock over those cool, detachable Joy-Cons), it still left many questions. Yes, the console can play full home console games on the go. Yes, the Nintendo Switch uses cartridges and no, there seems to be absolutely no indication of a disc tray/insert.

Although the trailer answered a few big questions, it simply spawned too many others. D4G will now discuss those big questions that gamers around the world are dying to get the answers to:

1) Battery life of the mobile Nintendo Switch

2) Storage capacity of both the mobile and home Nintendo Switch consoles

3) Storage capacity of Nintendo Switch game cartridges

These are probably the biggest question being asked, right now. Don’t worry, if you have a big question¬†that’s not listed here, hit the comments below and we’ll add it for discussion!