Games That Need To Make A Nintendo Return To Switch

Games That Need To Make A Nintendo Return To Switch

The Nintendo Switch offers gamers a perfect balance between home console and handheld gaming. However, gamers still need to see releases they’re continuously requesting. Here are just some of the games that should make a long-awaited return to a Nintendo console.

Star Fox Zero – While the WiiU version impressed with its challenging stages, co-op play and cool boss fights, the gamepad controls were far too awkward. StarFox Zero is crying-out for a remaster for Nintendo’s new system!


StarFox Zero needs a retouch and the Switch is the perfect platform for it!

Why Switch?: Star Fox belongs back on a cartridge. Plus, improved controls and co-op play that plays to the new strengths of the Switch, could easily turn this release into a classic!

Earthbound Remake – This incredibly memorable and unique RPG teased us with an N64 release, back in 1996. Unfortunately Mother 3 got cancelled due to development issues, but how amazing would it be to see a 3D remake of the original SNES classic?!


Earthbound would not only make for an amazing Switch RPG, but is THE remake that Nintendo need, right now

Why Switch?: Nintendo still need their big RPG remake and Earthbound is the perfect IP! Get this remake back on a cartridge for Switch and watch it blow retro fans minds! Hell, it doesn’t even matter if they remade it using a PSX or N64 engine (to keep a retro feel and provide a faster release), just remaking this somehow, would be a love-letter to retro RPG fans.

Turtles In Time Remake – The TMNT franchise is begging for a decent game and no developer is currently willing to invest in a top home console release. We say, remake the very best and bring Turtles In Time back to the cartridge…a Switch cartridge!


Turtles IV: Turtles in Time would be the perfect multiplayer beat em’ up remake for the Nintendo Switch

Why Switch?: We need a good Turtles game. Nintendo need a good Turtles game. Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform for it!

Maniac Mansion Remake – This inspiring puzzle game was originally meant to hit PC’s for its launch, but ended up landing on the Famicom/NES (also putting a start to Nintendo’s historic clamp-down on mature games). A simple point (or d-pad) and click adventure, Maniac Mansion offered multiple characters, great puzzles and a variety of endings.


A Maniac Mansion remake as been requested by fans for years. The Nintendo Switch could bring this cartridge classic back to life!

Why Switch?: Fans have been begging for a remake for years and although spiritual follow-ups were released, fans still want the original remade. With so many anime/text-based adventures doing so well now, Maniac Mansion would be a superb addition to the Switch’s cartridge line-up.

Those were just some of our must-remake games for the Nintendo Switch. There’s obviously a lot more out there, so if you feel we’re missing your must-remake game (or if you simply want to discuss games already on the list), hit the comments and let us know!

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