The Switch may have landed but while many of us were patiently waiting for our Super Bomberman R pre-orders to arrive, we were instead greeted with the dreaded ”Stock Update’ email, informing us of a major stock shortage from Konami.

In fact, after reading other gamers experiences online, it seems that many major retailers didn’t even receive a first batch of stock for release day! This begs the question – did Konami suffer major shipment delays or did they totally underestimate the success of the Nintendo Switch at launch?


Gotta catch the B-Man! Due to the stock shortage, we’ve made a to-scale (ish) image of Bomberman R, so you can reach-out and touch it. Yup, we’re good like that

Yes, you can download Bomberman R from the Switch e-shop but this isn’t the point. I’m a retro geek who still has collections of NES, SNES, Master System and Megadrive¬†cartridges, so imagine how chuffed I was to hear that Nintendo’s new console would offer cartridge games for the big screen?! Yeah, safe to say that this gamer wants to build himself a Switch cartridge collection (speaking of which, we’ll have to find out when Hori are releasing their cool version of a Switch game card case).

Did you receive¬†the dreaded ‘Stock Update’ email, too? Have you been on a recent Super Bomberman R hunt with success? Hit the comments and let us know!

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