We’ve recently got news on two exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops reviews, from Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) and Game Informer.

call of duty black ops reviews

The verdict is in on potentially another record-breaking Call of Duty

After taking a closer look at both reviews, we’re delighted to say that the solo campaign has been pushed up to 7hrs of gameplay. Players of the first and second Modern Warfare games, will understand that this is a huge triumph for us campaign lovers. The single player mode is also meant to keep you hooked with it’s great story-telling and intense battles, but one thing that took the critics by surprise, is the level of detailed gore that has made it’s way to the new Call of Duty. The intense war FPS will now offer realistic consequences for standing in the line of fire and display realistic and gory decapitations and other battlefield wounds. While Game Informer sees this as a negative, we simply see this as realism to the games genre. If you weren’t expecting this from war game…what the hell were you expecting?

Call of Duty Black Ops gory

Apparently, critics were surprised to see realistic blood and gore...in a game based on war! What did they expect to see...paint-ball rounds!

Multiplayer has also been highly praised with improvements all-around. Major tweaks have increased multiplayer map size and have added the ability to unlock perks in the order the player chooses. Praise has also been given to anti-cheat methods for the multiplayer experience, but in our minds, how can you really prove that when there aren’t yet millions of online players?

Fans will also appreciate the return of the Zombie mini-multiplayer game. The undead hit has been brought back with two maps, as well as 2-4 player online co-op options.

The final verdicts from both magazines are both slightly varied, but pleasing overall:

Official PlayStation Magazine: 9.4/10                 Game Informer: 9/10

Call of Duty: Black Ops goes on-sale tomorrow (9th November 2010). It will be very interesting to see first-day sales figures, compared to Modern Warfare 2.