While everyone on the planet was thrilled to hear that Duke Nukem Forever was back in development, developer Frontline Studios, may have bitten their lips slightly. As some of you may know, Frontline Studios were hard at work on a PSP version of Duke Nukem that was even scheduled for a trilogy!

duke nukem psp

Yup, it's Duke Nukem on PSP...and NOT a side-scrolling platformer!

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, was actually set to be an exclusive 3D shooter that boasted FPS and third person gameplay elements. However, due to Gearbox purchasing the rights of the Duke Nukem IP from 3D Realms, it means that Frontline Studios are left in the dark in terms of developing rights.

duke nukem psp fps

Things were certainly looking promising for the PSP Duke Nukem

The game may have been in-development for a hand-held platform, but it still seemed to offer more gameplay aspects than it’s PC big-brother:

solid duke psp

Solid Duke and the Guns of the Piglets

Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, was even due for release on the Nintendo DS. Although we feel that Ninty would’ve had something to say about that, (depending on the adult content) it would have been amazing to see Duke in 3D glory, on major hand-held platforms.

But…it may not be over yet. Frontline studios have announced that the game will still see the light of day on hand-helds, but under a new name Extraction Point: Alien Shootout. It’s unclear how much of the game will be changed in order for this release, but if Gearbox still wont allow for the IP to be used, it would seem that all traces of Duke (player models, logos and voice-overs) would have to be completely removed and replaced.

Lets hope Gearbox have a change of heart pretty soon. After all…it’s only going to increase hype about Duke Nukem Forever. So what’s the problem???