The iphone is a thing of wizardry. Thousands upon thousands of apps, great games and game engines that look insanely detailed are just some of the wonders of Apples little touch screen marvel. However, we’ve received details of a new device that works with the iphone, turning it into a high-tech security device!

iphone security camera

How your iphone might look with the new iphone security camera app

The camera package is said to come with a small and discreet camera system that wirelessly connects to the iphone via WiFi and your mobile network. Once the app has been installed for the camera and you’ve positioned the security camera where you need it, you can monitor what’s going on at any time by activating its app and having whatever the camera is capturing, display on your iphone screen in real-time!

We’ve also been told that the app can also be set to automatically activate and display the cameras feedback, if the camera detects movement. This means that if you’re out and about and your camera detects movement in your home, it automatically alerts your iphone which will then immediately trigger your iphone to display what the camera is seeing!

Sounds great, right? We’ll bring you more details as we get them!