When Nintendo first revealed their new next-gen console, many of us got a little confused. A huge controller that offers its own portable DVD-sized screen? Only one of these controllers per console pack and no word on Blu-Ray or even DVD playback? Want answers? Read on.

You weren’t alone if you felt a tad lost in Nintendo’s press conference. But although a little hazy at first, Nintendo slowly began to trickle news about the consoles capabilities. Still not as much info as we’d all like…but at least we have a few things to go on.

wii u console

The Wii U is set to launch sometime this year. Still confused on what the Wii U will offer? Let us help

The Wii U Console

The Wii U console will be Nintendo’s first dive into the HD gaming market. Impressive tech demos were shown and one featured an HD demo of Zelda. The Shadow and lighting effects looked incredible and gave a promising insight into the graphical capabilities of the Wii U. Finally, Ninty can catch-up in the game sales wars and step away from just having party games dominate the charts (although they’ll still have a part to play with the Wii U, due to its new and revolutionary multiplayer capabilities!).

One thing Nintendo did make clear is that the Wii U will not come with DVD or Blu-Ray playback. Remember, keen gamers will already own 360’s, PS3’s and don’t forget their trusty old DVD players. This makes movie playback a costly added luxury…not an essential. This decision will also keep the price down for Nintendo’s new Wii U console and especially the Wii U controller (see below to find out why). We like that.

The Wii U Controller

Although this may have confused many at first, the Wii U controller is shaping up to be the most revolutionary next-gen release from any console manufacturer. Nintendo know their motion sensing technology is now old news (with Sony and Microsoft having jumped on the band wagon). So instead, Nintendo have looked into ways of making the controller more than just something you control a character/object with. They’ve created something that can enhance your entire in-game perspective and dramatically enhance how you play with your friends. Once again, Nintendo have thought outside the box. Something their getting rather good at.

wii u controller

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just another Dreamcast VMU. The Wii U controller is a next-gen console itself!

More to see with the Wii U controller

Tech demos were shown that put the player into incredibly realistic worlds with a standard first-person perspective. However, instead of just using the controller to navigate through this world, the player could simply look at the Wii U controller for a better take on their surroundings. For example, if the TV gave you a perspective of entering a dungeon cell in Zelda, the TV would currently be giving you a first-person view of the back cell wall. You could then bring the Wii U controller up to your face and turn left (facing away from the TV) giving you an FPS view of the left cell wall. You could then even turn once again (with your back facing the TV) so the Wii U controller now gives you an FPS view of the cell door you just walked through. Something developers can really experiment and have fun with!

wii u controller multiplayer

You thought the original Wii revolutionised multiplayer gaming? Just wait until you get your hands on the Wii U controller...

Enhanced multiplayer with the Wii U controller

Lets say 5 of us were playing Doom. Four of you had to work together to take me down…but here’s the problem with standard split-screen games…you simply take a crafty glance at my screen area to see where I am! Well, your crafty peeking days are over, because we’re playing on the Wii U!

Instead of all playing on the same screen, you four play split-screen on the TV while I (the player you’re all after) plays on my Wii U controller. I can play the full game in all its graphical glory on my Wii U controller and you guys won’t have a clue where I am! This encourages heavy team work and takes multiplayer games to a new level. Nice one Ninty!

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