The egg shaped, red gloved hero is back in HD glory with Codemasters remake of Dizzy Prince Of The Yolk Folk. The remake is currently exclusive for iphone and Android platforms and we must say…Dizzy has never looked better!

We remember dizzy games on our trusty, old ZX Spectrum. The keyboard layout and joystick controls could make basic platform puzzles challenging, especially Treasure Island Dizzy with its punishing inventory system. We all feared the sight of dizzy floating face-down in the sea :o(

dizzy prince of the yolk folk classic

How the prince of the yolk folk used to look

Dizzy’s new HD makeover gives his world a more defined, colourful and user friendly experience. Clear navigation and neater menu systems help breath new life into an old classic.

dizzy prince of the yolk folk new

Codemasters refreshing new take on Dizzy, his world and your interaction

Codemasters Dizzy: Prince Of The Yolk Folk remake is now available for Android and iPhone platforms. With a great new look and generous price tag, we see this classic being a mobile chart-topper for months to come.

old dizzy new dizzy

Dizzy - Then and Now

With quite a few Dizzy games out there, what other adventures would like to see remade for the mobile platform? Fantasy World Dizzy for the iphone or Android, the much tougher Treasure Island Dizzy for Android or iphone or even Kwik Snax? (the spin-off that brought Bomberman-style arcade gameplay to the franchise). What about new Dizzy adventures and what of the possibility of our egg shaped hero going next-gen? Get posting and let us know?