Scribblenauts took the DS game chart by storm in 2009, offering incredible depth that gave the player almost infinite ways to complete each stage. Fun, educational and revolutionary it soon spawned a remake the following year (Super Scribblenauts) which ironed-out control, dictionary and other gameplay issues.

In 2011 some really exciting news hit mobile gamers. Scribblenauts had been released for the iPhone! Receiving superb reviews, the mobile Scribblenauts release (Scribblenauts Remix) had better looks and control functionality then its console releases! 5th Cell even plan on releasing Scribblenauts Remix mobile mission packs, further enhancing this game over other versions! Our only question is…when is Scribblenauts Remix going to be released for the Android?

scribblenauts remix

Scribblenauts has made its way to mobile gamers in the form of Scribblenauts Remix....but what about Android gamers?

An Android version of Scribblenauts Remix would be superb and 5th Cell would surly welcome the much-deserved extra platform sales. But are the developer too busy with their latest project (Run Roo Run) or has Apple stepped-in and made the port to Android that bit more difficult? Sony did this with the GTA series to stop Microsoft in their tracks, so it could be possible for Apple to throw cash at 5th Cell.

Scribblenauts Remix and Infinity Blade II seem to be the big-boys of the mobile platform right now, so this could be a possibility. We really hope 5th Cell look more into multi platform sales figures, rather than quick-cash solutions. They deserve it!

We’ll bring you more news on Scribblenauts Remix for Android, as soon as we get it.