Nvidia’s Geforce Titan and AMD’s R9 290X are said to be around 3x more powerful than an Xbox One or PS4. Of course, when we say ‘more powerful’ it’s all to do with the FPS reached in-game. But what if your only aim is to play Xbox One and PS4 games at the quality and speed produced by the actual consoles themselves? Well, here is where things get really interesting…

r9 290x gtx titan black

AMD’s R9 290X and Nvidia’s GTX Titan Black may be able to Wow gamers with their FPS…but what if you simply just want to enjoy next-gen games?

To really be able to get away with next-gen PC gaming as cheaply as possible, you’ll need to make sure you have no bottleneck. You can’t let ANY other aspect of your system hold your shiny, new graphics card back.

To be able to enjoy XBOX One and PS4 Games on your PC with fully enjoyable visuals and speed, you need to make sure your system has the following at the very least:

– An Intel 4 Core or AMD 6 Core CPU

– 8GB of the fastest RAM you can afford

– A PCI-E (PCI Express) x16 slot (at least 2.0)

If you can’t match the min requirements above, we really hope it’s just the RAM you’re lacking on (it’s the most cost effective upgrade for a PC). If it’s the other two that are the problem, you’ll either need to buy a new CPU (stick to AMD if you’re on a budget) or a complete new system. If it’s the latter, save money and search for ‘barebone’ or ‘motherboard’ bundles. You’ll be able to get those min specs (or more, if you can) for an absolute bargain!


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The cheapest GFX cards for next-gen games

Now you’ve got those minimum specs (or above) it’s time to slot a powerful but cost-effective graphics card into that free PCI-E slot.

Take your pick:

– AMD R7 260X  (£90+)

– Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti  (£110+)

amd r7 260x

AMD’s R7 260X is currently the best value for entry level next-gen gaming. However, would you still see it this way when compared to Nvidia’s more budget pc-friendly version?

At the time of writing, AMD have dropped the price of the 260X to well under the £100 bracket. This is very competitive from a GPU performance point as both the 260X and 750 Ti perform very alike with next-gen launch titles. However, one area where the GTX 750 Ti does triumph is with energy efficiency. The Maxwell powered card requires no PSU connector and uses an astonishing 60 watts at maximum!

While many gamers will decide via price, many will also be persuaded by Nvidia’s amazing focus on energy efficiency. Remember, not only will the GTX 750/Ti use less electric but it will suit much smaller budget PC’s with lower watt PSU’s.

We’ll see how the Nvidia vs AMD £90-£130 card battle changes over the next few months.

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