Finally, Android owners can now enjoy a console speed Nintendo DS emulator! The first thing you’ll notice about DraStic is that it’s not your usual free emulator. The app is priced at just over a fiver and for a good reason…it not only works, it opens the door to a huge library of games that are designed for a touch screen. It’s actually the perfect emulator for any smartphone or tablet (although we strongly recommend using a tablet for the dual DS screen emulation).

hotel dusk ds

Hotel Dusk isn’t just one of our best DS games…it’s perfect for your Android tablet! Oh and don’t forget to play its overlooked sequel – The Last Window

DraStic makes it incredibly easy to play your favourite DS games. Simply head to Google Play, purchase and install the emulator. Once everything is installed, you simply select your DS rom backup. No need for a bios. It’s that simple!

You can even download a demo of the DraStic emulator to see how amazing this app really is. The demo gives you 20mins to test as many games as you can but doesn’t offer dual screen adjustment and saves (only available in the full version). Purchase this incredible DS Emulator and support the developer in his quest to turn your android device into the worlds most versatile hand-held!

We’ll also be listing fully working DS games for DraStic, so check out the page, bookmark it (it will continuously be updated) and make sure to buy the app to support the developer!