Over the years we’ve seen various games hit the shelves that use the well-known South Park brand. FPS, racing, comedy quiz and even tower defense games have all borrowed the South Park license but although very different in appearance and gameplay styles, all these games share something very similar…Trey Parker and Matt Stone were never involved. However, two things separate the latest South Park game project from past relases. First, it has the two creators behind the scenes and secondly, it’s a South Park RPG game!

south park fps

The 1999 release of South Park forced us to chase chickens with snowballs. Lets hope the combination of Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Obsidian Entertainment can give us the South Park game we've all be waiting for

The new South Park RPG is currently being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, developers of Fallout 3: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2 and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II. Their line-up promises great things for the new South Park RPG and basing the story around live action role playing, (LARPing) gives the game the freedom to explore new story and character possibilities.

south park rpg ff7 materia

It's official! South Park RPG will use Final Fantasy VII's Materia system!

Playing as a new arrival to South Park, you’ll befriend Stan, Kyle, Cartmen and Kenny and participate in their live action role-play event. You’ll be able to choose your class, upgrade weapons and character stats just like those classic RPG’s we’ve all grown to love. But that’s not the best part of this new South Park RPG. We’re happy to confirm that Obsidian Entertainment, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have decided to base the magic system on Final Fantasy VII’s Materia system! Oh, and the action will take place in classic turn-based JRPG style (something we’re seriously starting to miss in RPG’s!).

So far, we think that’s news to get seriously excited about! THE greatest RPG system to ever grace a Final Fantasy game, is finally being brought back in South Park style! The characters, comedy, RPG system and framework to get creative with the story (LARPing) are all there…it’s just down to Obsidian Entertainment to make sure it doesn’t go “quick cash-in” on us.

What are your thoughts on this new JRPG South Park and do you think Obsidian Entertainment, Trey Parker and Matt Stone can finally bring a South Park game to the top of the sales charts?