Reason 1: Graphical Ability

Sony are now one step ahead with the hand-held horsepower war. At first, the PSVITA (known then as the NGP) was said to have the graphical ability of the PS3. While that was later proven to be a slight over exaggeration, the PSVITA will still be most powerful hand-held games console on the market, come this February.

psvita console

PSVITA will launch as the most powerful hand-held ever created!

A powerful and multitasking 4 core CPU, a dedicated GPU, 512MB RAM for main memory and 128MB of video memory will make the PSVITA the most powerful hand-held console ever released! In reality this may not be a mobile PlayStaion 3…but the graphics power will still beat any PSone, Sega Saturn, N64, Dreamcast and PS2 game hands-down! In fact, if this were a race, those other consoles would totally lose sight of the PSVITA…it has that much over them! It may not be a little PS3 but by heck, it’s going to try to be!

uncharted golden abyss combat

This in-game screenshot of Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a great example of what the PSVITA can do. Click the image for a closer look!

We know exactly what you’re thinking. Graphics aren’t everything, right? Well, that’s true but we would all be seriously disappointed if we purchased our next-gen PS3’s and 360’s only to find launch titles of Tetris, Chu Chu Rocket, Tempest 2000 and Namco Museum! Consoles are meant to evolve with every release, give you a reason to invest your hard earned cash, but the main reason a new console will justify such a thing over its predecessor? Graphical ability. The more atmospheric, life-like and immersing, the better.

psvita resistance burning fire

Resistance: Burning Fire. Another example on how the PSVITA doesn't waste time with quick and simplistic versions of major PS3 titles

Consoles aren’t the only things that need to adapt and revolutionise with every release. Games are too. This is why developers will always seek more powerful platforms to develop for. No matter what many people may say about graphics in games, the bestselling IP’s have always made their debut with cutting-edge graphics. Uncharted, Hot Shots Golf, Resistance, Wipeout, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 are all major and top selling PS3 titles that are heading for the PSVITA. Not only that, but unlike other hand-held games, these titles won’t be simplified versions of next-gen releases…they’ll all be true to their pS3 release style, design and gameplay!

Have you ever attempted to play through an old Xbox Classic or PSone Classic only to find that your HD TV makes the graphics look 10x worse? Hand-held consoles are always the solution to the problem. Somehow they make all the old classics immersing and playable once again. But just imagine if your hand-held console could even play PS2 games and even compete with next-gen titles! Guess what? The PSVITA can

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