Recent news from Microsoft has confirmed that the XBOX One will be Kinect-free after E3. The move will obviously effect how the system already functions, as well as the RRP.

XBOX One Functionality Without Kinect

Many of us with an XBOX One (now estimated to be well over 5 million) will have noticed that Kinect plays an important part of how we use the console (or at least many of us are now very used to its features). In order for the Kinect-free move to go smoothly, Microsoft will have to issue a patch before the Kinect-free XBOX One consoles go on sale.

xbox one kinect free

It’s official – The XBOX One is now free from Kinect but how will this effect existing XBOX One owners?


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One thing to note – Microsoft did offically announce that XBOX One ‘would no longer require Kinect’ to function, back in August last year. This means they were even planning the Kinect-free move before the launch of the XBOX One. This could even mean that all necessary patches have been tested and are waiting to be loaded to servers.

[UPDATE] May updates have added a feature that will make it clearer on players dashboards when their XBOX One console requires an update. This will help make sure that those who purchase an XBOX One without a Kinect, will get the vital patches they need.

How The Kinect-Free XBOX One Will Be Priced

OK. So you may have expected much more of a price drop but the Kinect-bundled XBOX One still needs to be worth the price. Also, don’t forget that the new £350/$399 price point is an RRP only. This means super stores can still be competitive with their pricing. The Titanfall bundle lead to multiple stores slashing the prices. The RRP should see even further competitive reductions from retailers.