One of the major advantages of owning an Android handset is having the ability to download a good range of console emulators. The Nexus 7 is an absolute powerhouse, being able to flex its Tegra 3 quad core CPU and 12 core GPU at any emulator you throw at it. So how does it deal with FPse, one of Google Play’s most popular and respected emulators?

nexus 7 fpse config

FPse has been updated regularly with tablet support and wireless/cable pad compatibility

The first thing you’ll ask yourself is how will FPse display on my Nexus 7 tablet? Will I get a compressed display (as if you’re playing on a mobile) or will it actually adapt to my tablets resolution? The good news, is that it WILL adapt to your tablets display and it won’t pixelate like some other emulators do. A lot of work has gone into keeping FPse up-to-date with the current gaming market and the 3 recent updates prove this (as of 12th September 2012).

nexus 7 persona 4

It's amazing to play old classics like Persona 4 on your Nexus 7 tablet. RPG's also better suit digital touch controls

What makes the Nexus 7 the ultimate portable games system, is its pure power combined with its portability. If you could get such emulators on an ipad, imagine trying to hold the thing like a hand-held…you’d need a full-body massage after 30mins! Even with its 7″ screen and Tegra 3 muscle, the Nexus 7 is still easily held in the hands, giving great access to touch pad controls. Of course, you can also link it up to 360 and PS3 controllers for extra gaming comfort.

nexus 7 persona 4 rpg

Persona 4 was one of the first PSone games we fully tested on our Nexus 7. Its unique take on turn-based battles and 3D environments (with a 360 rotating camera) gave it something over other RPG's

Lets get to the games. This article will become a FPse Nexus 7 list for fully playable PSone games. Being as the Nexus 7 is a very powerful system, we only want to list games that play very close to (or exactly) how they would on a PSone. Minor sound issues (if in certain points of the game) or minor audio slow down (noticeable if you pay attention but doesn’t really spoil the music or game FX) is an exception.

Nexus 7 FPse PSone Games List

Final Fantasy VII
Legend of Dragoon
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment
Tekken 3

We’ll keep updating this Nexus 7 FPse games list, so bookmark this page and keep checking back. If you know of any other games that should be on this list (providing they meet the conditions above) let us know via the comments section and we’ll test and add them to our list.