The retro console business is really starting to take-off. Third parties have their multi-retro cart systems and now even the big names (e.g. Nintendo) are feeding their classic library cash-cows and producing retro units of their own. With quite a few choices, it would take an incredibly versatile and innovative consoles design to compete in this flourishing market.

Enter Polymega.


Polymega isn’t just the worlds first retro CD-based console. Find out why this device is the future of retro gaming.

What is Polymega and what does it offer that other retro consoles don’t?

‘Why can’t it play CD retro games?’ and ‘why only those retro carts?’ are two of the most common questions third party retro companies receive. Polymega is designed to completely resolve these issues by offering the following:

Finally, a CD-based retro console

Polymega will be a CD retro console at heart with its optical-disc base unit playing PlayStation, Sega CD, NeoGeo CD and Turbo GraFX CD’s.


At its basic design, Polymega is the CD-based retro console we’ve all wanted, but that’s not the real ‘next-gen’ feature…

Can the Polymega play retro cartridges?

You may have noticed the words ‘base-unit’ above? This is because Polymega is worlds first modular retro console. The base-unit takes care of your retro CD’s, while modular units will simply slide-in and connect, instantly making Polymega compatible with a huge selection of cartridge-based retro consoles! What’s even more exciting is that each module adds compatibility for a specific retro cart-based console, complete with its original controller ports!


This is next-gen retro! Modular cartridge panels enable the Polymega to be compatible with almost any retro CD and cartridge game!

Will Polymega have its own pad?

Yes it will and this baby looks nothing like the usual cheap third-party pads we’re so used to putting up with. Polymega’s control pad looks close to a PS4 design, with good button and analogue stick layout and what looks to be a pretty tasty D-pad (essential for retro fighting games).


Third party retro consoles have always suffered from their pad designs. Polymega aim to abolish this trend and release a quality pad that suits any form of retro game.

Anything else Polymega offers?

The Polymega will not only offer all your CD and cartridge retro classics in 1080p HD, it will also enable players to copy all their retro CD’s and cartridges to a digital library system. These extras may be solid selling points for the Polymenga but D4G’s stand-out factor would easily be the modular cartridge units. This means that even if existing patents prevent third parties from producing such consoles, once they expire, Polymega need only release the extension. Beautiful.

Head to the official Polymega console website for more information on this amazing modular retro console. The company also have plans to bring the console to Kickstarter, so we’ll keep you updated on that announcement, as well as any other Polymega news.