Ever since Sony announce their 3D audio technology for their PS5 (Tempest), gamers have been asking if any other gaming headset supports this (other than Sony’s officially licensed Pulse 3D Wireless Headset).

The Pulse 3D Headset – Sony may have licensed this to take advantage of their 3D Tempest Audio tech, but it may only be the wireless feature that sets this headset apart from the rest

The good news is that any headset plugged directly into the DualSense controller (via the 3mm audio jack), will be able to take advantage of the systems 3D Audio. This is due to Tempest being built-in to the console (and programmed into compatible games) and not into the headsets themselves.

Hang on, Sony say the 3D Pulse Wireless Headset is designed specifically for their 3D audio?

This is correct in the fact that Sony’s 3D Pulse Headset can wirelessly take advantage of the PS5’s 3D Tempest Audio. Currently (at the time of writing this), no other headset has been confirmed to be able to take advantage of Tempest 3D Audio via wireless connection.

Will Sony’s 3D Pulse Wireless Headset offer a better quality of 3D Tempest Audio?

This has yet to be proven. On one hand, there is the fact that anything connected via a 3.5mm jack is going to beat wireless connection hands-down. However, bear in mind the DualSense controller still has to connect wirelessly to the console itself. Then of course, Sony’s 3D Pulse Headset could be tweaked to utilise Tempest 3D Audio in other ways (it is of course, Sony’s own technology).

What wireless headsets support PS5’s 3D Tempest Audio

At the moment, the only wireless headset to officially support this, is Sony’s 3D Pulse Headset. Any other headset must be connected directly to the DualShock 5 via 3mm jack and to be honest, this is quite an amazing feature in itself as this opens up a wide range of 3D audio possibilities, with the industries leading gaming headsets!

Keep your 3D audio gaming needs locked to D4G, as we’ll look to delve deeper into the possibilities of 3D audio and existing gaming headsets.