Microsoft are tweaking their latest operating system as we type this. We’re all aware of the horrid compatibility issues that plagued XP and Vista, but we’re confident that Windows 10 will not only be more stable and compatible, but also become Microsoft’s greatest PC gaming OS, yet.

get windows 10

Have you reserved your FREE copy of Windows 10? If not, you really should. W10 now has a superb chance of being the greatest PC gaming OS!

Why are we so confident? Well, back when Microsoft 8 was first released, you may have been lucky enough to nab the operating system in download-only form. In the UK, Windows 8 was just £24.99 but this special price would expire once the physical copy hit the shelves.

So, why would Microsoft do this?

Microsoft and the hidden Windows 8 beta

Here’s the real genius behind that ‘download-only promo’:

If MS were to release a beta, only the patient few would jump aboard (obviously due to its unfinished state). However, if you release the expected beta, then a hidden beta (the tweaked download-only version for £24.99), you’ll not only get it out to more people, you’ll also be swimming in that all-important customer feedback BEFORE the official shelf release!

witcher 2 windows 8

The Witcher 2 looked amazing and was tweaked to run well on Windows 7 and 8 operating systems. Just think of what Windows 10 and DirectX 12 will do for The Witcher 3

This stroke of genius gave Microsoft all they needed to tweak the OS, while giving early customers their new operating system at a great price. A win-win for both parties.

Windows 10 and 12 months of crucial feedback!

Guess what? Yup, MS are doing this again but now on a much greater scale. Once Windows 10 completes its 1st-phase beta, Microsoft will let all PC gamers download and keep Windows 10 for FREE (providing they download it within its first year). This once again, gives customers a superb deal but more importantly, gives MS all the time they need to work on the feedback (now on a HUGE scale due to millions of PC owners downloading W10 free of charge).

So, will a DirectX 12 Windows 10 with the largest customer feedback base in MS history, create the greatest operating system for the PC gamer?

You bet it will!


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