Android phones are seriously closing the gap on the iPhone when it comes to games. Spectral Souls is a great example of this, as it uses graphics seen on a PSP system with a soundtrack to match. But with graphical and sound ability comes hardware resources and cost. Sadly, demanding games like this won’t run on every Android device. Not every handset is technically up to the task and with such a range of Android phones, it’s near impossible for busy developers to test or pay for QA on every Android phone.

spectral souls android

Spectral Souls may put Android games on par with PSN and XBOX LIVE Arcade games, but can you be sure your Android system will run it?

With games that can’t be thoroughly tested for compatibility and with price tags matching PSN and XBOX Arcade content, the developers need helping out. This page will develop a list of demanding Android games that need urgent performance specifics. If you’ve played such a game then please leave a comment on that games page (games will have links below).

Please remember to state your handset with EVERY comment you post on that games page. In fact, please make it the first thing you type in your comment. This will not only help other customers choose the right game for their Android smartphones, but also help developers iron-out handset performance bugs.

Android Game Compatibility List

Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires

Click the game links above and get posting! ALL your comments will help build reliable compatibility lists for major Android games!