Abzu may not be the hardest boss to beat on FF7 Remake’s Hard difficulty, but if you’re not prepared, he can pack a punch (even more devastating than Hell House). D4G guide you on how to beat this sewer beast without even needing a Limit Break or a Summon!

beat abzu hard ff7remake

Checkout our video Battle Guide on the full fight with Abzu on hard:

Now read the Battle Guide (with full Materia load-out)


The best Materia to use against Abzu on hard

Cloud: Deadly Dodge<>Linked to<>HP Absorb, Healing, Steadfast Block, HP UP, Prayer, Fire Elemental, Revival

Aerith: HP Absorb<>Linked to<>Fire, Revival, HP UP, Steadfast Block, Healing, Magnify<>Linked to<>Barrier

Tifa: Healing, Cleansing, Chakra, HP UP, Revival, Refocus, Poison<>Linked to<>Warding, Prayer

What items to use when fighting Abzu

Any items that can reduce status effects (Otherworldly Crystal) and those that can negate poison (Star Pendant) are fantastic when up against Abzu. This may even prevent you wasting MP on Esuna casts.

Battle Tactics against Abzu on hard

First, you’ll notice that I’ve taken Prayer off Aerith (and added to Cloud and Tifa). This is due to the main tactic of standard attacking/healing with Cloud and Tifa, to take Abzu’s focus off Aerith. This will allow her continuously get her ass back to Arcane Ward, casting Fira to cause major damage to Abzu.

ff7remake abzu hard cloud attacks

The key is all in ability attacks with Tifa and Cloud (when Azbu is stunned) while you get Aerith back to Arcane Ward to build full ATB and cast Fira

Once the battle begins, Spread the team out to surround Abzu. Ideally, you want Cloud behind Abzu and Tifa to its side, all while they take some jabs and slashes at the beast. Keep switching characters between all three, so you can not only build 2 ATB bars with Aerith fast, but get Arcane Ward down the very second your ATB bars are full. Once you’ve done this, let Aerith unleash a Fira spell within Arcane Ward. Once this hits, Abzu will become engulfed in flames (a form of stun). Whenever Abzu becomes stunned from Fira, missing a wall lunge or becomes Staggered, it’s very important that you take immediate advantage of this and attack Abzu with this drill:

Cloud: Punisher-attack Abzu until you get 2 ATB bars, then immediately perform one ATB ability (I always like to use Triple Slash but go with whatever you feel is best)

Tifa: The same as above (attacking to build 2 ATB bars) and then unleash one ATB ability at Abzu (I prefer Starshower as it takes a while, helping you focus on other characters).

Aerith: Once you’ve done the above with Cloud and Tifa, immediately switch to Aerith, standard attack Abzu to build full ATB (if needed) and unleash Fira (immediately switching back to Tifa or Cloud to take the focus off Aerith). Remember, Aerith is your main offense and defence for this fight, so you must prevent Abzu from attacking her head-on!

Can you dodge Abzu’s wall attack jumps?

Yes you can, it’s just a matter of good camera placement and timing. Once you see Abzu climb the wall, keep the camera fixed on him. Once he flinches, dive and you’ll evade the lunge, causing Azbu to become stunned (then go-in hard with Cloud and Tifa, as advised above).

ff7 remake abzu charge dodge

Get Abzu in sight of the camera, wait for him to twitch and then dive to safety (also stuns and sets Abzu up for another counter)

The entire fight is really based around distracting Abzu with Cloud and Tifa, while Aerith builds ATB and casts fira. Once she does (and Abzu is stunned with fire), attack with Tifa and Cloud and repeat the same with Aerith. Remember to use Barrier to shield all characters too (don’t bother with Manawall against Abzu, as his magic water-based casts can be easily evaded).

How to evade Abzu’s Blackwater Blast attack

Abzu will mount the wall again but if his horn glows, he’s about to unleash his Blackwater Blast attack. Once you see the glowing horn, quickly spot the sewer hole that’s leaking water and get the entire party over to the sewer that’s next to it (on the same side). The water will pass by you, but watch out for the regular Abzu wall pounce (as he will always get back down from the wall this way, not matter the form of attack).

tifa abzu charge dodge

Lookout for the glowing horn (for Blackwater Blast), then the leaking sewer hole. Leg-it quick to the other sewer hole on the same side!

Abzu will also use three other attacks against you. The first being Blackwash Spout. Simply evade the small whirlwinds and your items will help (but you can use Esuna to clear any negative effects). The second attack will be Abzu’s Bash and Smash. Abzu will smash the ground twice, then finish with a two-handed smash. Just be sure to put a large gap between your current character and Abzu, and that you’re also leading him away from the others as best you can. This brings us onto Abzu’s final attack and one that changes due to the harder difficulty.

How to evade Abzu’s Charges on hard

The best answer to this – don’t give him the chance to do it! Abzu’s best opportunities to turn the fight in his favour, will purely come from successful Blackwater Blasts or these very powerful Charges (and the harder difficulty will enable Abzu to perform these up to five times in quick succession!). The key is to focus on switching characters, allowing Aerith to constantly hit Abzu with fire (don’t forget to Soul Drain here and there to restock on MP), Abzu will then be at a constant disadvantage with being stunned from fire attacks, missed wall attack attempts and Staggers. Keep this up and Abzu should be finished (or very near it) before he even gets the chance!

Stick to these tactics and you’ll Stagger Abzu in no time, causing Tifa and Cloud’s ATB attacks to cause devastating damage (as well as Aerith’s Fira at the same time within Arcane Ward). The fight will be quicker than you think, so make sure that by the time Abzu’s health is low, you’re topping-up with Soul Drain, ready for the Sewer enemies ahead.

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