The Sega Master System, Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive and Game Boy Advance, all had one great thing in common…they could all offer immersing and extremely addictive RPG’s. Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Shining Force and Mario Golf are just a handful or classic RPG games, that have had us all hooked for days-on-end (if you’ve yet to golf with Mario and friends on the GBA, we suggest you try it!). Their stories, character development, immersing worlds, strategic gameplay and imaginative battle systems, have won every one of our hearts at some point. However, many of us (regretfully) have sold our much-beloved Ninty’s and Saga’s by now. So what is a retro-hunting RPG fan, to do?

final fantasy 6

Gameplay and story from RPG classics such as Final Fantasy 6, still out-perform even current next-gen games

There are 3 options:

– Hunt down such consoles and cartridges
– Download and learn how to use PC emulators
– Play them on your mobile phone

Mobile phone…how does that work, you may ask? Let’s be honest. Retro games always look more appealing when they’re in the palms of our hands (GBA, PSP and DS). Hooking them up to big-screens just emphasises their simplicity and age, but loading them up on your portable games system, just ads new life and excitement to a much-loved classic.

When you think of gaming mobiles, you’d be forgiven for immediately thinking of a certain Apple device, but there’s another form of phone on the market and it’s seriously kicking butt! What if we told you that this certain form of mobile, enables you to not only download and execute perfect Master System, Mega Drive, SNES and GBA emulators, but also download most of their gaming catalogs…for FREE!

We give you…the Android handset:

android htc mobile phone

Android is easily the best choice for the classic-style RPG gamer. So many classic little time!

Android phone owners will find a superb selection of retro emulators to download. Some will require payment (from 65p – £3.77) and offer demos (or “Lite” versions) to trail, while others will be completely free. The beauty of emulators is that the games can’t be charged for (due to legal reasons with publishers) so once you’ve downloaded these emulators from the Android Market, you’ll also have access to hundreds of FREE games (roms) to play on them. We’re sure you’ll agree that being able to play Final Fantasy, Shining Force, Phantasy Star Collection and Mario Golf on your mobile is just amazing! Even if you pay £3.77 for an emulator, the games are free. Easily the best investment in gaming history!

shining force 2 android phone

Play Shining Force 2 on your GBA Android Emulator!

All classic consoles have some form of emulator on the Android Market. Even Amiga and Atari emulators have made and appearance.

mario golf gba android phone

We'd forgive you for thinking Mario Golf on the GBA, was a basic golf game...but it's actually a superb RPG!

All genres of games are available (not just RPG) but the main reason why RPG games stand out to us, is not only because of what they offer in terms of gameplay, but what they offer in terms of emulator portability. Yup, for a touch screen mobile you may find some games hard to play on emulators due to the touch D-Pad (platformers, FPS and Beat em’ Ups). RPG’s however, are simple to port due to basic exploration systems (moving a character around a town) and menu scrolling turn-based battles. This simply makes RPG’s THE games to download to your Android Emulators.

final fantasy 6 htc android

The very best RPG's are now available to play on your go get them!

Android mobiles (and other mobiles) are also starting to offer original RPG’s. It’s superb to play retro classics on your mobile, but to dive into a new RPG with a whole new world and cast altogether, is always amazing! Again, RPG simplicity favours the mobile touch-screen D-Pad, so here are a few original mobile RPG’s that you really MUST play.

doom rpg mobile

If you loved the Doom games and enjoy RPG and strategic mechanics, Doom RPG 1 & 2 are for you!

Of course, if there’s a Doom RPG…there has to be a Wolfenstein RPG:

wolfenstein rpg android phone

The iphone makes great use of the motion control for sniper rifles! Sigh...we still remember the £59.99 SNES price-tag!

For those who love lengthy RPG’s with traditional roots and just a touch of modern mechanics:

zenonia rpg android phone

Zenonia is a superb little RPG for your smartphone. You'd better be ready to grind, though

While Doom and Wolfenstein are all FPS based RPG’s, Zenonia is a new role-playing game with traditional roots. It uses art and gameplay elements that are familiar in all classic SNES and GBA RPG’s, but it adds a modern real-time combat system to the mix. The result is a surprisingly long and immersing RPG with impressive special abilities, pick-ups, leveling and humor. Just be ready to grind, as it’s much more difficult than most RPG’s (but we think grinding makes an awesome role-playing game!).

We want to see more original RPG’s for mobiles! Emulated classics and a hand-full of existing originals, have already proven that such gameplay gels perfectly with the demanding touch-screen D-Pad. We need more developers working on unique stories, but we still need to purchase such titles at a sensible price (we still can’t believe people squabble over a few pounds for quality RPG games). Mobile games such as Zenonia and Doom RPG are easily worth £4-5 for the gameplay and game time they offer. Lets welcome such developers will open-arms and get more great RPG’s to mobiles!