Resident Evil 2 Reveal – 1997

Resident Evil 2 Reveal – 1997

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 was easily one of the most anticipated sequels in the history of gaming. Capcom’s Directors Cut edition of the first game, offered players a taste of the sequel (via playable demo disc) with both outdoor and indoor locations.

Resident Evil 2 – The new nightmare

An early issue of GamesMaster (published Christmas 1997), contained the first shots ever released of Capcom’s up-and-coming Resident Evil 2. The exclusive shots followed Capcom’s promise of a sequel ‘one and a half times bigger than the first game’, with ‘more gore’ and ‘even if you blow a zombie in half, it’s body parts still move towards you’.


GamesMaster reveal the first ever screenshots of Resident Evil 2!

Capcom weren’t ‘all about the mansion’

The first thing you’ll notice is the main character looks nothing like the Claire Redfield we all know and love. Remember, this was Claire’s very first appearance in the Resident Evil franchise, so Capcom were clearly still experimenting with her look.

The second thing you’ve probably noticed are those very different locations.  Although the final version of Resident evil 2 was set inside an old, listed police building (closely resembling the mansion from the first game), GamesMaster exclusive screenshots depicted a more modern-take on the police headquarters of Raccoon City. Everything from the work desks to lockers and from lighting to office blinds, just looks far more modern.


Check out those modern offices! It seems a lot may have been scrapped in order to stick with the original games more listed and haunting location design

Making way for Resident Evil 2

During the early phase of Resident Evil 2’s development, Capcom had two other projects in the works. The first was an RPG card game called ‘Warewolf’ for Sega Saturn. The second was a side-scrolling beat em’ up called Major Damage for both the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation (yup, I just miss calling it ‘Sony PlayStation’ rather than simply referring to it as ‘PSX’. Yuk). Both of these titles had to be completely scrapped in order for CAPCOM to meet the release window for Resident Evil 2 and the latest monthly edition of Street Fighter (sorry, couldn’t resist on that last one!).


Capcom had to make way for the development of Resident Evil 2, forcing the company to scrap two completely new IP’s!

GamesMaster’s Resident Evil 2 exclusive may have revealed indoor environments, but it was a little later in development that sparked interest in taking the fight outdoors. Yup, many of us (especially those who played the demo) anticipated a zombie apocalypse throughout the post-apocalyptic streets of Raccoon City. It would actually take six years (Resident Evil 4) before players could truly experience the nightmare outdoors. However, many argue that by then the franchise had lost its true survival horror roots.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 Remake may have been a no-show at E3 2017 but going by recent developer interviews, we’re bound to see (or even play) this highly anticipated remake, before the years end.

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