WWE Pay Per RAW and Smackdown

WWE Pay Per RAW and Smackdown

We’re huge WWE fans here at D4G and there is nothing like sitting down to watch some awesome wrestling and stunt talent on a Monday (WWE RAW) and Friday (WWE Smackdown) night. But although our superstars put on incredible performances, put their bodies on the line week after week (even heading straight back into WWE RAW after a huge pay per view event) and are on the road their entire career, we still can’t help but think there are better ways to get their performances to fans.

wwe cena vs brock

WWE Superstars put their bodies on the line week after week for us fans. Surly that's enough reason to offer new and easier ways to watch them do their stuff?

Lets say that WWE is the only sport you watch. You don’t watch football, you don’t watch racing…nadah. You may even prefer to either rent your movies from a well-known store or download from XBL/PSN. At times, you may even find it hard to get free TV time. Should you be expected to pay a SKY/Cable monthly fee PLUS a SKY Sports add-on cost, just to watch WWE twice a week? Of course not.

The Perfect Way To Experience WWE RAW and Smackdown

What if we could simply go to WWE.com and pay a small fee to download an episode of RAW or Smackdown? These shows could be made downloadable the day after they air and could even be made compatible with PS3 browsers. Better still, what if we could pay to download individual RAW and Smackdown shows on XBL and PSN? We already pay around £1.80 – £3.00 to download our favourite TV series episodes, so why can’t we do the same with WWE?

psn wwe

What we hope the WWE Universe should be seeing in the near future. Fingers crossed!

WWE.com/XBL and PSN offering RAW and Smackdown shows, would be fantastic! Lets hope Mr McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H agree and give this modern and more accessible viewing method, the green-light.

7 Responsesto “WWE Pay Per RAW and Smackdown”

  1. avatar luzdel says:

    Please let us know if they release such episodes on PSN and XBL? I’m a really big fan of WWE!

  2. avatar bart says:

    Would love to see more WWE on UK PSN!

  3. avatar danZ says:

    Even if it was just the Smackdown and Raw shows on UK PSN…THAT WOULD STILL BE FANTASTIC!

  4. avatar WWE says:

    Having all Raw’s and Smackdown’s on PSN and XBL is a great idea. Maybe even PPV rentals or full-on purchases…but DEFIANTLY raw and smackdown!

  5. avatar DDash says:

    I guess it would stop so much online piracy of WWE. It’s one of the reasons why Vince is losing so much with PPV’s. RAW and Smackdown on PSN and Xbox Live could change that. Worth a try V-Man!

  6. avatar Rick says:

    Good point AceJack21, but it shouldn’t be a problem. PSN and Xbox Live can just offer latest versions of WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown.

  7. avatar AceJack21 says:

    I think the idea of WWE Raw and Smackdown on PSN and XBL is great. Only problem could be the sheer amount of episodes on the servers (RAW alone, has now hit over 1000!).

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