Dead Island Special Edition Pre-Owned

Dead Island Special Edition Pre-Owned

Dead Island was a huge success at launch. Its co-op features and deep RPG elements made it a hit with co-op lovers all over the UK. As soon as the game launched, it sold out completely. Dead Island Special Edition was the most popular, being a Gameplay exclusive at the time.

Your best bet in experiencing the special edition now, is to go for Dead Island Special Edition Pre-Owned:

dead island special edition

Are you after Dead Island Special Edition but can't find it in stores? Buy it from D4G!

Now unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to find the limited Dead Island Special Edition in stores. However, if you’ve yet to enter the world of Dead Island and get pulled-in with its deep RPG elements, you’re still in with a chance of getting hold of this RPG collectible!

D4G now have Dead Island Special Edition in stock. Hurry, stock is extremely limited and many copies even come with unused Dead Island DLC!

2 Responsesto “Dead Island Special Edition Pre-Owned”

  1. avatar D4GAndy says:

    Hi Sylvain,

    We can only offer that pre-owned copy of Dead Island Special Edition to EU customers, due to its PAL region coding (you’ll need an EU 360 to play it). However, if you do have an EU 360 and still wish for it to be sent, we’ll have to add additional international costs for shipping to Canada?

    If we do stock games from other regions in the future, their regions will be clearly marked.



  2. avatar Sylvain Vaillancourt says:

    I need this version dead island special edition xbox 360. for canada


    I lost friend’s copy

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